View toward the Cederberg Tafelberg from Kagga Kamma at sunset

We offer a wide selection of tours, including:

Astronomy tours,
Culture and nature tours,
Fossil and geology field trips,
Tailor-made and personalised tours, and
Wine tours.

For information on tours we have taken and events we have hosted in the past, please go here. 

In the dictionary we find the following meanings of tour, tourist and holiday.
Tourn. a  a journey from place to place as a holiday. b  an excursion ramble or walk.
Tour -v  make a tour or take a tour.
Tourist -n a person making a visit or tour as a holiday, a traveler.
Holiday -n an extended period of recreation, especially away from home

Many people go on tours to all sorts of places; so many in fact that it is called the tourist industry.  Just think, an entire system that produces, processes and packages tourists into coaches, trains, planes and ships and sends them on tours, rushing from place to place.

Look at the word “tour” again.  It is a journey from place to place as a holiday, and a holiday is defined as being recreational.  So, on a tour a tourist should be able to relax and have fun.  Well, on our tours relaxing and having fun are compulsory.

ELF Astronomy’s approach to touring is that the journey is as much part of the tour as the destinations are. Our tours are often a bit off the well beaten tourist tracks and most of them tend to be quite educational as well. However, we don’t insist on you passing any tests or exams, they are all optional, so please relax..

At ELF Astronomy we pride ourselves in being different, perhaps even odd in the way we run our tours. Although we may be different and odd, our first priority is always that our tourists must be able to relax and enjoy themselves; both at the destinations and on the journeys in between.

There are countless stories circulating amongst tour guides about impossibly difficult tourists and their unreasonable demands and expectations; many of these stories are unfortunately true. On the other hand, tourists all over the world tell stories about poor accommodation, bad food, uninformed, barely intelligible guides and, perhaps the worst of all, the legitimate unrealized expectations of the tourist; unfortunately too many of these tales of woe are also true.

It is our firm belief, supported by many examples, that most of these problems can be avoided by honest open communication between all parties involved, both before and during any tour. ELF Astronomy will do everything possible to establish and maintain that communication with all its clients.

If you require any further information about any of our tours, outreach activities, star parties or deep-sky events, you will find the appropriate form here.