Notice of meeting: The Brak River Astronomy Club “B.R.A.C”

The second meeting of the Club will take place on Thursday, 10th April 2014 at 7.30 p.m. in the Eden Country Inn, Little Brak River.

A donation of R 20.00 per head is requested to cover Administration, tea and coffee.


1)     To welcome all Members and Visitors

2)     Things seen in the night sky since last month

3)     “The Sky Tonight” AND “Follow the Moon” (With thanks to the Iziko Planetarium in Cape Town for the chart)

4)     A talk by Dr Case Rijsdijk B.Sc. on “The Oldest Star”

5)     Tea or Coffee break at about 8.30 p.m.

6)     Questions and hopefully, Answers.

We are indeed most fortunate to be able to hear Dr Rijsdijk on this occasion. He is a well-known Scientist and Astronomer living in the Sedgefield area and has published a large number of scientific and astronomical papers, being a member of many societies both national and international. {Please tell your friends and ensure that we have a bumper turnout !}

We have been able to source a small supply of the “2014 Sky Guide” in Cape town. These should be here by 10th April and will cost about R 55.00 each, a highly recommended purchase! Bookshop price about R 110!

A Gray – Convenor – 044-696-5913 (