Stars on the Beach in Gordon’s Bay (07 February 2014)

Stars on the Beach in in Gordon’s Bay

On Friday the 07th of February STAR PEOPLE will be hosting a public outreach event on the lawn next to the Spur on the Gordon;’s Bay beachfront.  So come along and take a look at the Moon, Jupiter and all sorts of other astronomical wonders.  If the weather fouls us up on the Friday we will be there on Saturday the 08th and, if that also falls flat, we will have to try and schedule a later date.

On Friday the weather was not good for stargazing so we went on Saturday.  Weather was great, maybe a bit windy, but you can go here to read all about the event.

This magnificent graphic was designed by Auke Slotegraaf, who will also be in attendance at the event to share his vast store of astronomical know-how with all-comers.