Upcoming Southern Star Parties

Please pay a visit to this link below to get to know more about the SSP.  You should find all the information you require about the venues, fees, application procedures and so forth. There is also a contact address if you require any further information about these events, or contact us.

2016 spring SSP   –  From 28 to 30 October. For all the information about registration and who is attending, go here.

The first notices have been sent out for the Autumn 2016 SSP. All the chalets are taken and there are lots of inquiries coming in. We are investigating the possibility of putting up one or more so-called “Army” tents to increase the amount of accommodation on site. Most of the speakers lined up and we are are finalizing the programme so please mark those dates, organize a house-sitter, put in leave, book the dog into the kennels, do whatever you have to do but just make sure you are there. We need all of you, so please, please join us at Night Sky and if you have any contacts in the weather department, make sure they know that we need a cloudless and preferably windless weekend.

Snorre is grooming himself in anticipation of seeing you all there
Snorre is grooming himself in anticipation of seeing you all there!

I would like to encourage anyone interested in astronomy, whatever your level of expertise is, to attend an SSP event.  If you already have a lot of experience in astronomy or in astrophotography come and share it with others.  If you are just starting out on your astronomy or astrophotography adventure, come along because you will be able to learn a lot. You do not have a telescope? No problem, because everyone who has one will be more than willing to let you learn the ropes on theirs.

Astronomy is a great hobby and in the words of a Spanish astronomer and astrophysicist Juan Pardo-Carrión:Vive La Aventura De La Astronomía