Corporate Functions

Corporate functions and birthday parties are nice but tricky.  Both have the problem that people attend the function for all sorts of reasons, one of which is not because they intend doing astronomy – they are there to party!

Setting up before the fun starts at a Leap Year Bash in Kirstenbosch.
A lull in an otherwise crowded night at the Kirstenbosch Leap Year Bash
Sometimes there are children to.








So, first of all one very often does not get too many people who are interested. Secondly, at parties and functions alcohol flows and it affects people’s sense of balance distance judgement, which means one has to watch everyone closely around the telescope.  The last thing one wants is for someone to send your pride and joy crashing to the ground and very likely landing on top of it.  Neither, perish the thought, does one want a party-goer spilling a glass of something sticky into the telescope.

Last, but not least, alcohol tends to imbue some people with all the knowledge ever produced by humans and then some.  So be prepared to be drawn into endless discussions about astronomy and almost every other subject you can think of when all you want to do is show people amazing astronomy stuff. If you have a sense of humor all this can also be great deal of fun and is good for lots of laughs when you get home.