Information is available on this website about outreach activities at schools, public outreach & sidewalk astronomy as well as outreach at corporate functions,

Astronomy outreach is all about communicating the wonders and excitement of astronomy to anyone and everyone who is prepared to stand still for a few minutes to listen and to look through a telescope.  Everybody and anybody from learners in primary schools and high schools to students and members of the public from all walks of life; they are all targets for astronomy outreach activities.

The queue is long and longer yet ….
Some pay attention, some don’t.
Outreach can be a very chilly job.

Astronomers and amateur astronomers do astronomy outreach to share their passion for the wonderful world of astronomy with as many people as possible.  Astronomy outreach opens up new vistas for people especially those who do not have access to living in areas that are heavily light polluted and also serves as science education platform for communities in rural areas.

Outreach activities can take place out on the street in the form of sidewalk astronomy, as presentations in schools or at specially arranged meetings wherever there is an  audience and even as an item at birthday parties or corporate functions.

Irrespective of the place or the nature of the audience the object of the exercise is always to get people excited about astronomy,

Vive La Aventura De La Astronomía (Juan Ramón Pardo-Carrión)

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