Cape Centre News Letter, 14th July 2014

Dear Cape Centre members and friends

An absolute highlight is awaiting us this Wednesday: Dr Bernard Fanaroff, SKA South Africa project director, will present an overview of the latest developments at the SKA.

New Committee

At the Annual General Meeting held on 9 July, the following new Cape Centre Committee was elected

Chair: Frank Jacobs

Vice Chair: Eddy Nijeboer

Hon. Treasurer: George Abrahams

Hon. Secretary: Wendy Vermeulen

Additional Member: Lia Labuschagne

Additional Member and curator of instruments: Richard Sessions

Eddy Nijeboer has agreed to continue as librarian as well.

Cliff Turk has been re-elected as Honorary Auditor.

We wish the new Committee all the best, and we hope that all Cape Centre members support its work, so that 2014/15 will again be a good year for the Cape Centre!

Paid-up members and honorary members are welcome to write to us to request a copy of the Chair’s report for the past year.

Upcoming Events

16 July, 20:00, SAAO Auditorium:  Dr Bernard Fanaroff of the SKA will present an overview of the latest developments at the SKA. We will be privileged to be able to hear some of these details directly from Dr Fanaroff, who has an extremely full programme both locally and internationally.

 13 August20:00, SAAO Auditorium: Prof Michael Feast will talk about the discovery of the first known stars in the flared disk of the Milky Way. These stars are situated on the far side of our Galaxy, 80 thousand light years from the Earth and beyond the Galactic Centre. This discovery has been covered quite widely in the press and the results of the work done by Prof Feast (University of Cape Town – UCT, SAAO), Dr John Menzies (SAAO), Dr Noriyuki Matsunaga (the University of Tokyo, Japan) and Prof Patricia Whitelock (SAAO, UCT) will also feature in the international journal Nature. Prof Feast will tell us more about their research and findings.

 20 August, 20:00, SAAO Auditorium: Edward Foster of ELF Astronomy is well known among our members, among others for his passionate involvement in astronomy outreach work, and the work done to organise the Southern Star Parties together with Lynnette Foster and Auke Slotegraaf.  But for his talk on 20 August, Ed will share some of his knowledge about geology in a talk titled “Why does the Western Cape look the way it does.”

 SAAO Open Nights

 26 July, 20:00, SAAO Auditorium: Thuso Simon (UCT PhD student) will present a talk entitled A failure of serendipity: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life.

 9 August, 20:00, SAAO Auditorium: Dr Daniel Cunnama (UWC) will present a talk entitled Women in Astronomy.

  Kind regards

 Lia and Christianon behalf of the new Cape Centre Committee