Bambini Dream Foundation (07/12/2013)

Bambini Dream Foundation, 07th December 2013 on the Sea Point Promenade

On a very overcast afternoon, with a fairly stiff and at times quite chilly breeze that even produced several halfhearted showers, Star People arrived in Sea Point, parked alongside the Sea Point Promenade, opposite the five white horses and waited for the rest to arrive.  Slowly everyone else trickled in and Auke and I pitched in to help get the tables and a gazebo set up, spread table cloths and lay out all the goodies.  Lynnette was unable to do more than supervise as she had a very painful broken toe which seriously limited her mobility. On several occasions the wind did its best to move everything toward South America, but the nimbler members of the group managed to retrieve all items before they made it over the railing and into the Atlantic.

Eventually it was all set up and everyone was there, so the show could start.  There were about 50 people at the event and the event was also covered by a local radio station.  There were speeches, as there always are on occasions like this, and, of course, lots of eats. After everyone had eaten Russel and Jacques each presented a magic show and thoroughly  bent everyone’s sense of reality.  As the sun set the clouds, for the first time, looked as if they might give us an opportunity to show people the moon, so Auke and I fetched Lorenzo from the Vito and set him up.  This provided, not only the first close-up view of the moon, but also the first opportunity to look through a telescope for most of those present.  Unfortunately the gusty conditions prevented the launching of the fire-balloons but the children still had great fun with the other amusements provided.  By this stage the children had received their presents and everyone was packing up and getting ready to go home.

All in all, it was a very interesting evening and a great way for the Bambini Dream Foundation to round off their year’s work.  Thanks to all concerned for inviting us, it was a privilege to share the evening with you and contribute in small way to the Dream.

The advance party.
The movers and shakers
Some of the parents
Food glorious food!
Felecia and Jacques