Bonnievale Bonanza 2013

Please go here for a full report on the event.

Wednesday 23rd October 2013:  With a little more than one week to go things are starting to get a little hectic.  It is a case of “so much to do and so little time to do it in”.   A matter of some concern is the fact that the long-term weather forecast is predicting overcast conditions something which is known not to adversely affect attempts to do stargazing with the public.  Keep watching this space for updates and also for our final report once the show is over.

From the 01st to the 03rd of November 2013 ELF Astronomy and Star People will be at the Bonnievale Bonanza to present an astronomy outreach program which will include information table, Solar viewing during the day and Stargazing during the evening.

There are three sites you can visit to find out more about this great event. Go hereor here, or here but do come and join us in Bonnivale on the first weekend in November 2013.