ScopeX 2017

For those of you who have never been to ScopeX or even considered going or, worse still, never heard of it, you really need to do something about it. On 16 September, the 16th annual ScopeX event will be held at the Military History Museum in Johannesburg.

This is ASSA’s premier outreach event, so please remind all friends, family, colleagues, etc. who may be interested, to not only come but to also pass on the news within their sphere of influence. Full details can be found on the website: – PDF flyers and posters can be downloaded from the front page.

There is a full programme of interesting lectures, exhibits, and activities, suitable for people of all ages. The museum is great for a family outing, as are the Zoo next door and the Zoo Lake park around the corner. The evening star party (weather permitting) is also very popular.

To all the amateur telescope makers, astrophotographers and observers, please bring examples of your work to display. Even if you have shown the stuff before, remember that there are always newcomers who have not seen it, and others would like to see it again. Work in progress, no matter how humble, is just as valuable to exhibit as a finely finished product, so that people can understand the process and get ideas. You may even win a prize for your efforts!

Check out the excellent range of items to be won in the raffles. Given the limited number of tickets, your chances are really good.

The ScopeX advertisement.