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In the Southern Hemisphere we are privileged to see many more stars than our Northern Hemisphere counterparts.  All I can say is that, if you haven’t experienced our southern, winter skies with the centre of the Milky Way spread out across the middle of the sky, straight above your head, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

TOP: My series of photographs following the solar eclipse with a late afternoon shot of Leeuwenboschfontein from the top of Swartberg. BOTTOM LEFT: Auke’s very artistic shot of the shadows cast by the people around the telescope. BOTTOM RIGHT: A picture of the sun through one of Chris’s filters.

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We add bits and pieces here and there, make the odd adjustment or alteration and add fresh bits about what we are up to. Somehow stuff that looks fine today has a way of looking suspect tomorrow or next week and then we change it.

ASSSA Merit Awards for StarPeople in 2016
ASSA Merit Awards for StarPeople in 2016.  Lynnette and I are, with Auke Slotegraaf the members of StarPeople.

Most of the major construction is complete but there are updates and additions being made all the time. So, please keep coming back as there will be something new and interesting somewhere every time you visit us.